Antireflective Coatings


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1、Single Layer MgF2  Coating: 

     •  Wavelength Range:   400-700 nm

     •  R<0.25% over wide ranges on sapphire, Nd:YAG, and  high index glass .

Magnesium fluoride is probably the most widely used thin film material for optical coating. Its performance is not outstanding but represents a significant improvement over an uncoated surface. Because its index is too low to provide a good impedance match at the air-glass interface.

Coating Code: -MF

Note: When  ordering , be sure to specify substrate material, angle of incidence .

2、V-type Antireflection Coatings:

CASTECH  offers a  full range of V-Coating from 250nm to  3000 nm. This type of coating can attain the lowest reflectivity at the center wavelength, which can be adjusted to your required wavelength and angle.


Substrate MaterialBK7,UV fused silica etc.
Damage Threshold2000W/cm2  3J/cm2,10nsec pulses @each wavelength
  Coating Code  Wavelength(nm)Angle of incidenceReflectivity per Surface 

3、Double-V and Triple-V AR:


               Double –V:

                                    •  R<0.3%@1064nm, 0° incidence

                                    •  R<0.6% @532nm, 0° incidence

                                    •  Damage Threshold  for Double-V: 5 J/cm2 @532nm; 10 J/cm2  @1064nm



                                •  R<0.3% @1064nm,0° incidence

                                •  R<0.6%  @ 532nm,0 ° incidence

                                •  R<1.5%  @ 355m, 0°  incidence

4、Broadband  Antireflection Coatings:

      Different from single layer MgF2 coating, the multilayer antireflective coatings can reach higher transmission for broadband spectrum. Therefore, it is the ideal for a wide range of multi-wavelength laser and white light application. Please notify that the wavelength range and reflectivity of the coating are obviously changed according to the incident angle.


AR650-1000 , AR1000-1550:


Substrate MaterialBK7,UV fused silica etc.
Coating CodeWavelength(nm)Angle of incidenceReflectivity per SurfaceDamage Threshold
AR245-440245-440(UV band)0-15°Ravg<0.5%,Rmax<1.0%

500W/cm2 1J/cm2 ,10nsec pulses @325nm

AR400-700400-700(VIS band)0-15°Ravg<0.5%,Rmax<1.5%

1000W/cm2 2J/cm210nsec pulses @532nm


650-1000(NIR band)

0-15°Ravg<0.5%,Rmax<1.5%1000W/cm2 2J/cm2 ,10nsec pulses @1064nm
AR1000-1550 1000-1550(IR band) 0-15°Ravg<0.5%,Rmax<1.5%1000W/cm2 2J/cm2 ,10nsec pulses @1064nm

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