Titanium doped Sapphire (Ti:Sapphire) is the most widely used laser crystal for widely tunable and ultrashort pulsed lasers with high gain and power outputs. CASTECH possesses the advanced growth method of Temperature Gradient Technique (TGT), and it supplies large-sized (Dia.30x30mm) Ti:Sapphire crystal in high quality free of light scatter, with the dislocation density less than 102cm-2. The TGT grown sapphire crystal is characterized by the (0001) oriented growth, high doping level (α490 = 4.0cm-1), high gain and laser damage threshold.

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Main Applications:

       •   The tunable wavelengths that cover a broad range from 700 to 1000 nm make Ti:Sapphire  an excellent substitute for dye lasers in many applications;
       •   Doubling by NLO crystals such as BBO in an ultra-thin, Ti:Sapphire can be used to generate UV and DUV (up to 193 nm ) laser with ultrafast pulses below 10fs;
       •   Ti:Sapphire is also widely used as the pump source of  OPOs to expand the tunable range.


Basic Properties

Chemical formula


Crystal structure


Lattice constants



3.98 g/cm3

Melting point


Mohs hardness


Thermal conductivity

52 W/m/k

Specific heat

0.42 J/g/K

Laser action

4-Level Vibronic

Fluorescence lifetime

3.2 μs (T=300K)

Tuning range

660 - 1050 nm

Absorption range

400 - 600 nm

Emission peak

795 nm

Absorption peak


Refractive index

1.76 @ 800 nm

Peak Cross-section             

3~4×10-19 cm2

Thermal Expansion



Standard product specifications:

       •   Orientation: Optical axis C normal to rod axis;
       •   Ti2Oconcentration: 0.06 - 0.2wt %; 
       •   Figure Of Merit (FOM): 100~250 (>250 available upon special requests);
       •   α490: 1.0~4.0cm-1;
       •   Diameter: 2~30mm or specified;
       •   Path Length: 2~30mm or specified;
       •   End configurations: Flat/Flat or Brewster/Brewster ends;
       •   Flatness: <λ/10 @ 633 nm;
       •   Parallelism:<10 arc sec; 
       •   Surface finishing:<40/20 scratch/dig to MIL-PRF-13830B;
       •   Wavefront distortion: <λ/4 per inch.

Note: AR Coating is available upon request.


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